Faraz Jafari

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Eternal Hunter Illustration

Welcome to my personal website. Where I share my research and work.
I write and make content on a series of different topics that interest me.
Some of which being: gaming, technology, martial arts and lifestyle.

I got shadowbanned in 2020, writing about child p******lia in high places.
And saying the big C was a C grade virus at best and not worth the fuss.
And that fundamentally the virus didn’t need to become weaker,
it was the people that needed to become stronger.


My guides are still relevant and useful til this day. A lot has changed since I began writing these in 2015 and given that most monetisation is being turned off at this point I am not sure what the future holds. But will begin to write and use this site as my own creative blog and space. Perhaps even sharing other peoples work and make into a hub/wiki of important ideas and information.


Tech Management

Best Ones So Far..