The Meaning of Life and The Human Purpose

The Meaning of Life

The Human Skull for the meaning of life article

Pondering the meaning of life?

Want to know why you exist, why you experience the things that you do and what we should do with our short time here on Earth? The sooner you begin to understand the reasoning behind your existence the sooner you can begin to play the game of life accordingly.

But before going ahead any further, we need to realise this. We are not the centre of the universe. It’s an illusion that we all share. What we must ask ourselves instead, is what is the human purpose? Only by understanding that, can we begin to understand the meaning of our own individual existence.

Now there are many schools of thought that attempt to tackle this huge question, different religions, schools of philosophy and our most recent contender, science. Let’s not get distract with what has been said and what others think. There is a simple solution that combines what we now know scientifically with a dash of philosophical abstract thinking.

This solution is based on the following understandings and beliefs:

  • That all life forms are interconnected and require one another
  • What applies to one form of life in nature, applies to all
  • Humans are equally a part of nature as any other living organism
  • And that nature is conscious and intelligent

Like many of the other questions in life, the answer is quite simple. It is the human nature to complicated things and create illusions upon illusions to protect itself and it’s fragile and momentary ego within the cosmic scale of things.

Our civilisations have grown, our boundaries have fallen and we can now see our impact on nature and how nature impacts us. To say that our purpose is to worship God, is no longer viable. Not because some higher power does not exist, but because following god is purely a spiritual path and often subjective.

It ignores the fact that we are on the physical dimension and having to deal with physical issues. If our purpose was purely to worship god, then why are we here? Why not start off on another dimension? Don’t get me wrong the values and visions granted by religious & spiritual schools are useful and humanity can really use them right now (the values and virtues), but it isn’t going to solve our issues.

Having faith in something is a key part of your wellbeing and necessary for a strong core that allows you to take on lifes difficulties. However, don’t sit around and give all responsibility to some higher power. Get moving!

We need something solid and universal to base our plans and actions on.

In order to create a unified vision and a plan of action.

Abstract Structural Pixel Art

Like any other challenging circumstance or problem, we must start at the beginning and simplify to create clarity and understanding. The answers will be found in the foundations. And our foundations are found in nature and the grand ecosystem that gives us life and allows us to live on this cosmic rock.

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution and taxonomy.

Our biological objectives are simple, just like any other life form that we share this planet with. Survive (self-preservation) and reproduction. In fact, it will amaze you how much of our decisions and choices are still governed by these two objectives.

Example: by me writing is, I am making myself a more attractive candidate for for reproduction. My conscious mind is often unaware of this and sees what I am doing as creative self expression and the act of teaching and sharing what I know to help us move forward and advance correctly as a species. But the drive that gives me the energy and enthusiasms to do is a primary function of my biological objectives. Perhaps it’s my way and self preservation, I won’t live forever, but my ideas and thoughts may make it into the minds of the generations to come.

Okay, I digress. Lets get back on topic.

Now the survival and reproduction part you already knew, this area we can almost all agree on. However, there is more to it. There is a fundamental layer to this question that hasn’t been spoken about when it comes to understanding the meaning of life.. And that my friends is where our answer will be found.

Function: the kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, or institution; the purpose for which something is designed or exists; role.

All life forms that we have experienced and observed other than ourselves have filled a function within the larger ecosystem of this planet. From the most basic single cell organism to the most complex and socially sophisticated mammals. All life forms exist to fulfil a certain function within their ecosystem.

The Unasked Philosophical Questions

So why have we never asked what our function is as a species? Would it not be imperative in understanding the meaning of our existence here on Earth? Why have we evolved to be as we are? And furthermore, why are we conscious of this?

Maybe we have, but I missed it. When I Googled “the meaning of life” all I found were verses from the Bible and other holy books saying that “God has a plan for all its creations” and on the opposite spectrum “we just exist, don’t worry about the why, let’s make the most of it.”

Neither of which satisfying for an eager and truth seeking soul.

So I began to explore on my own.. And this is how far I’ve gotten.

Nature itself is conscious and it creates to fulfill its own interest. Which is ironically also survival (self-preservation). Life must go on and the meaning of an organisms life, or rather its function, is how it assists that process.

So our beautiful planet must be seen as a giant seed, a cosmic incubator.

Earth & Moon - For The Meaning of Life Article

The Earth is like a mother who knows she will die someday and wants her children to grow, prosper and spread her genes.

It is no surprise that within us all is the blueprint of this planet.

The Purpose of Life

So we, Humans, were created. A species that is intelligent enough to understand how nature functions and is social enough to work in tribes and achieve complex long-term tasks.

After all, we Humans are currently natures most adaptable and flexible species. Able to survive in many different climates, circumstances and social structures.

But besides all this, we are the only species on earth that can study and understand natures way of doing things, and how our planet works and is impacted by the cosmic environment and its own. Therefore we are currently the only possible link to its survival. So far we have done more harm than good. However, that is only natural for a species that is young and creative, but does not yet know its purpose.

We have more or less come to the conclusion that nature does things better than us and we are still at the whim of nature, even with our technological and engineering accomplishments. As we advance we will mimic nature further, because it is the only way. Our societies, economies, architecture and our way of life will have to find a balance between our technology and the grander ecosystem that we are a part of.

So what is our purpose? I believe we are the Guardians and Engineers of nature.. Here to understand and assist nature do its thing. By doing so, we fulfil our part (function) and allow natures wisdom to do its own.

Ancient persian wall carvings depicting to men tending to the tree of life
Image of ancient Persian wall carvings taken from the Royal Ontario Museum.

Looking at the image above and many more found in the ancient world, makes you think this is something we have known for a long time..

How is it that seemingly primitive civilisations had this knowledge and why wasn’t this transferred to our current one?

AND more importantly what other valuable knowledge did they hold?

With this understanding, everything suddenly makes much more sense.

Our function correlates directly with the biggest issues that we face as a species today and the root causes of the parasitic qualities that we have gained in relation to our own planet.

Our current focus as a species should be the following:

– Redesign our economical, educational, political and legal systems through new frameworks (The Venus Project)
– Redesign a healthy and sustainable global culture
– Recover and rejuvenate the damages we have caused the environment (Ecosia)
– Find a sustainable way to travel in space (Spacex)
– Perform population control through education
– Aid developing countries to not make the mistakes of the developed nations
– Creating more balanced and natural living environments/cities
– Transforming the agriculture and meat industries to make them more aligned with nature
– Educating the masses through culture and media towards positive and healthy perspectives and beliefs, while also creating discussion on more complex topics

Okay so these should be our focuses as a species. To maintain and transform our home into a planet that is in balance and not on the verge to destroy its own link to survival (due to it being too distracted and focused on other matters).


The Meaning For You, The Individual

Now this leaves you as the individual and where things get interesting. Above are what we must do as a species. Where you choose to fit into that plan is up to you. However, it is only by being involved with this process of transformation that your life will obtain its true meaning and satisfaction.

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