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Resources that I’ve found useful. Will continuously update this list.



Khan Academy – For a few years my mind had completely gone blank when it came to maths, couldn’t even do basic sums in my head in a decent timeframe. Khan Academies interactive math sessions really helped me out with the basics. I plan to continue on their lessons and solidify my basic mathematical skills and will also start on their physics courses within this year.

Coursera – The worlds open digital university or at least the closest thing to it. Coursera allows you to take university level courses from some of the worlds top universities and academics. With a huge range, this is the perfect place to start learning and developing your skills and knowledge.

Codecademy – I used this site to learn basic HTML and CSS, really enjoyed the lessons and think it’s a great resource if you want to begin learning any of the web programming languages.

thenewboston – This site contains a large collection of web tutorials. It’s great content and Bucky, the main instructor of many of the videos is a great teacher. I really enjoyed his HTML5 lessons and plan to use it more.

VICE – REAL immersive investigative journalism, tackling very uncomfortable and sometimes funny aspects of our society. Get on this stuff, entertaining and truly mind expanding. Well, at least the early stuff.

Crash Course – An awesome education channel that makes engaging animations to teach you about a bunch of topics. Some of which: World History, Biology, Literature, Ecology, Chemistry and Psychology.

Extra Credits – An animated educational youtube channel about the game industry, design, production and ethics. BONUS they have recently begun a making animations on world history.

Kurzgesagt – Which means “in a nutshell” in German is a channel that is run by a small group of creatives, that aims to explain things like evolution, time, space, global energy or our existence in this strange universe.

Game of Thrones Academy – Is a show that breaks down the series from a historical, political and philosophical perspective. Very fun and entertaining, while highly educational and mind expanding.


Life & Work

Mating Grounds – Been curious about the science of human mating & dating? Need some pointers to improve your “Game”? Forget the pickup junk, these guys have the experience and academic research to lead you to the right path.

One Productivity Tip To Rule Them All – One simple productivity tip that will increase your work hours and your output; all at once, with minimal effort.

The Meaning of Life and The Human Purpose – The answer is quite simple and has been right in front of us this entire time. In fact, our earlier ancestors were well aware of this truth.


Business & Entrepreneurship

Dan Peña – Have huge financial goals? Need a kick up your a**? The 50 Billion Dollar Man is your guy. Your testosterone levels will increase by simply listening to him.

Gary Vee – Who needs cocaine when you have Gary Vee, the king of hustle. The mans energy and enthusiasm for business & life is bound to transfer across to you.


Art & Creativity

Ctrl+Paint – Is a digital painting learning website that focuses on the basics of digital painting and the first resource that I stumbled upon when my interest was first sparked. There are weekly videos added every Thursday.

Art Camp – If your into concept art and digital painting, then take a look at this course which is by Noah Bradley, a prominent environmental concept artist & illustrator. It’s a semi-self paced video course with a great community and would recommend it if that’s the path you’re on.

Business of Illustration – Just recently stumbled onto this website. The writer Neil Swaab, an Illustrator/Art Director by trade, shares his knowledge on the field. How to get started, acquire work, pricing and many more important topics.


Independent Game Development

Shaun Spalding – Shaun is an ex-Ubisoft game designer and has made a few indie titles himself. He teaches the functionality of the GameMaker Engine.

HeartBeast – Hearbeast does GameMaker tutorials covering everything from code to pixel art. He’ll have you up and running in no time.

Nether Fun Gaming – Found this dude during my first gamejam, he teaches game art. Think he mainly works with Adobe Illustrator.

My First Game Jam – Tips for Success – Wrote this to get you guys ahead on your gamejams. Perfect for the first timer and those wanting an edge.



Aubrey Marcus Podcast – This ones is my current favourite and what I listen to the most. Aubrey is the CEO of Onnit, his podcasts cover everything from being a good business person/ human being to the expansion of consciousness.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferris is a famous author, most commonly known for the “4-Hour Workweek”. His blog is based on experiments on lifestyle design and he produces some great content. The podcasts main focus is to interview successful people and delving deep into their psyche, habits and rituals which I have found to be a valuable source of insights. There is a new podcast every two weeks or so and I have really enjoyed his content.

The Joe Rogan Experience – The Joe Rogan’s podcast has been a great source of entertainment and information for me in the last few years. Joe brings enough interesting and fascinating guests to keep me coming back for more. His podcast has allowed me to listen into conversations that I can currently only dream of. This has led me to many new resources, insights and ideas.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – He is an American political commentator, amateur historian and master storyteller, who takes you right into the worlds of the past. Whether it’s the devastation of armies or the leadership of great leaders, history gives us a very objective and clear picture of the cause and effect of actions and decisions and allows us to think in generations rather than individuals.

Accidental Creative Podcast – This ones a relatively new find. Short to the point podcasts generally about productivity and creativity. Brings on some interesting people and the outro beat is my favourite.