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This short wow classic endgame guide will provide you in detail of the things that you can and should pursue in the endgame of World of Warcraft. It is often said that the wow classic experience is all about the journey and this is found to be true in most access. Regardless of where you find your endgame, there is plenty for everyone and the reason why so many return and repeat the journey.



Pre-Raid BiS Grind

Pre-BiS Grind

This is personally my favourite part of the game. Doing Dungeon runs and endgame quests for Pre-BiS can be really fun and relaxing and help you gain gold, make connections and become a better player at your class. There is no hard rules of what to do once you get to 60 but there is tons to do once that 60 goal has been reached.

The Pre-Bis grind can begin after around levels 52-54, depending on your class and playstyle. And highly recommended to incorporate into your leveling to minimise having to rerun these dungeons for a certain gear. With physical dps classes you’re looking for hit% gear, for healers and casters +healing and +spell damage.


Getting Your Level 60 Mount

Getting your mount is 800 gold with a 20% discount. Easy enough to gain by just playing the game, farming and using your professions to turn a profit. Normally you have 200-300g by the time you hit 60 and even more if u know what you’re doing. That last leg of gold can usually be made by running endgame dungeons, doing UBERS, ZG and AQ20 runs. And farming with your gathering professions.

Additionally, once you do begin with 40 man raids. You make a decent amount of gold per run, assuming the repair bills are not too great.


Boot Speed Enchant

Having that 8% walking speed upgrade can be a great upgrade saving you time and energy running around. It’s not very expensive normally around 9g inclusive of mats and can be put on your Pre-BiS & BiS boots while you work towards your Mount. And still good to have even after having your 60 mount. If you can afford it, it’s a great investment to have on your characters during leveling. Potentially saving you 8% playtime, given how much running around you will be doing.


Flight Paths

Travelling around constantly is a big part of game and continues to be common in endgame. The dungeons and raids are spread all around the world and having these flight paths really helps with the accessibility. This is usually something you should have been working towards level 40+ but should now be completed off your checklist. Checkout this guide for further information.



Raid Attunements

Zul'Gurub Artwork

If you’re planning on raiding, which is a high likelihood you need to complete three main attunements. Molton Core, Blackwing Lair and Onyxia. Zul Gurub and AQ20 don’t require an attunement. And neither does AQ40, but Naxxirum does require you to be at least honored with the Argent Dawn. So you can begin doing that by complete quests in WPL & EPL and running Scholomance and Stratholme which provide you quite a bit of reputation, even without the Ardent Dawn trinkets.



Which brings us to the next thing on the checklist. There are a number of reputations worth working and increasing in the wow classic endgame. These can give you items of value, such as gear, consumables and enchantments that are best in slot and often necessary for the highest levels of of endgame. An example is being honored by the Ardent Dawn to enter Naxxiramus which is final raid of wow classic.

Some of the reputations are as followed:
– Ardent Dawn
– Centauriun Circle
– Zanzilan Tribe
– Thorium Brotherhood
– Brood of Nozdormu
– Timbermaw Hold

Most can be gained through completion of the specific raids, completion of quests, item hand-ins and dungeons and enemy grinding in the case of the Ardent Dawn and a few others. You can find specific guides on each of these reputation factions and can always ask more experienced players on the best ways to approach them.



Completing Endgame Questlines

There are a bunch of endgame questlines worth pursuing. They usually offer gear and beneficial perks. Or are simply fun and engaging to complete if you’re interested in the lore and the world. Not to mention the class specific quests that provide you often with epics and the a greater feel for your played class.

Another perk of doing the endgame quests in areas such as WPL, EPL and Silithus are that they provide you with additional gold. Once you hit lvl 60 all, 55+ quests provide you with additional gold instead of xp. And a great way to build up those gold reserves which you will need for gear, mount and enchants.


Maxing Your Professions

Another longer-term goal worth achieving is maxing out your professions. Maxed out gathering professions, can and will earn you a steady source of income. It is highly recommended on mains and and for new players. They will all earn you gold for differing amounts based on different levels of effort required. Herbalism is the highest earner, followed by mining and finally skinning. The effort required to earn and leveling is the exact same.

Another benefit of leveling your other professions to the 250+ mark is the profession cooldowns that are required for endgame recipes, which net you easy passive gold. Mooncloth for Tailors, Refined Deeprock Salt for Leatherworkers and Transmutes for Alchemists. There is a ton of community information and tier lists for professions and gold making. And definitely worth gaining, especially if you plan on going for T3 gear as they are all require in differing amounts.




World of Warcraft Classic

Raiding is the holy grail of classic endgame. By phase 6 there are five 40 man raids to complete in addition to the 20 man ZG and AQ20. Tones of loot to gain to help improve your class performance and probably the most co-operative effort you will experience in the entire game. Every class has a certain role to play and the combination of everyone doing there part to achieve a smooth and efficient raid is a high that cannot be explain or felt, unless experienced.

There is a raiding guild for everyone and it is definitely something worth doing if you’ve made the long journey to level 60. The raiding progression with a fresh guild can really be fun and challenging at the same time.


Classic PvP

World of Warcraft Classic is famous for its PvP experience with its own subcommunities within the realms. It requires a high skill cap for those wanting to excel and it is something really fun to do especially after the 50+ mark. Great for those not wanting to raid or for those seeking new challenges. And a great source of powerful gear for the more casual players.

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