How Much Does A Mount Cost?

WoW Classic How Much Does a Mount Cost

Okay so buying a mount is one of the biggest purchases players make when playing WoW Classic. Being a pivotal purchase for leveling and getting around in the world. There seems to be a lot of questions about the costs and other requirements. Given the different ranks, discounts and bonuses involved.
So we ask, how much does a mount actually cost?


How much does a level 40 mount cost?

Getting your first mount will costs you 100 gold in total.

Level 40 Riding Skill: 20 gold
Basic Mount Cost: 80 gold

How much does a level 60 mount cost?

Getting your level 60 mount will costs you 1000 gold.

Level 60 Riding Skill: None
Epic Mount Cost: 1000 gold

Available Discounts:
Reputation Discount 10%
PvP Rank 3 Discount 10%



Reputation Discounts

The good news is that if you have honored reputation, you will get a 10% discount on these purchases which will bring down the total price to 90 gold total for riding at level 40 and 900 gold in total for riding at 100% once you’ve hit level 60. However, any further reputation will not provide you with a greater discount. And in the case that you wish to use another races mount. You must be Exalted with that faction in order to learn how to ride its mount.

An additional discount of 10% can be achieved via a rank 3 in PVP. Discounts can be passed on, because Mounts are bind on equip. Meaning a friend or guild member with that discount can always make the mount purchase for you.

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