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This game is well designed and leveling should be a breeze and an absolute joy. If you’re are struggling with the game and have resorted to leveling up to solve your issues, then a backtrack is in order. This Witcher 3 leveling guide well tell you all you need to know to not only level accordingly, but to enjoy your experience too.

By leveling up through alternative methods, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Your gear will outdated, your finances bleak and you will have learnt nothing of what it means to be a Witcher.

In the Witcher 3 the following give you varying degrees of xp:
– Main Quests
– Secondary Quests
– Witcher Contracts
– Participating in Gwent, Fistfights and Horse Races
– Destroying Bandit Camps and Monster Dens
– Liberating Areas



Tips & Hints To Level Up Faster

Complete All of White Orchard

Suck that land dry of any xp & loot and leave no stone unturned (question markers). You will need everything you can get in those early levels. These initial gains will skyrocket your leveling and performance, regardless of the difficulty. White Orchard contains six easy to access Places of Power.

Wield The Right Weapons & Trophy

Wielding green weapons will grant you 25% increase in xp gained from humans and non-humans. Combine that with the 5% trophy that you can acquire early on in the game and you are at a 30% leveling advantage. You can have all this right at the beginning too. The Serpentine Steel & Silver swords are level 1 & 2 and the first Witcher contract in White Orchard gives you the trophy.

Showing the stats of a green weapon set and a trophy

An Adventures Spirit Is Rewarded

Focus some of your time on exploration and marking off the question marks on the camp. Find hidden treasures and difficult monsters guarding them. Destroy monster dens and take on entire camps of bandits, the xp gain isn’t huge but it adds up. You’ll also run into Power Stones granting you an extra skill point.

Exploration of Skellige

Liberate Areas And Return the Populace

Often an overlooked source of experience. Liberation of areas from monsters and bandits gives the best xp outside of quests & contracts. In addition, you are given coin and access to new vendors. Finding areas to liberate is easily achieved when you make a habit of exploration and marking off question marks.



Learn To Invest Your Earnings

A major focus in the game should be having the best gear possible, allowing you to complete and defeat more difficult quests and monsters to yield maximum xp. Upgrading Roach when ever possible should also be a priority. More carrying capacity = more loot. More stamina = faster A to B which improves your bottom line (faster experience & levels).

Full Feline Green Set

Take All Witcher Contracts

Travel to all yellow notice boards to gain all the Witcher contract notices. Complete these quests as you level by making sure you take on which ever ones that come into your level range. Once outside the level range the xp is abysmal.

Witcher 3 Notice Board



The Warrior Spirit Is Essential

Witcher contracts are a huge part of the game, it’s the reason why Witchers exist. Not only do they take you on very fascinating and challenging adventures, they rewarded you greatly, both in terms of xp and coin. But you’ll have to learn how to play the game first. Hacking and slashing won’t do in this game, here is why.

Image of geralt exploration For levels & gear for the witcher 3 leveling guide

Advanced Loot, Mastercrafted Green Gear

Here are all the necessary information you need to level up successfully and at the same time enjoy the game fully. Your time is too valuable to waste grinding away and using glitch leveling tactics that will inevitable be patched. Also if you’re playing on PC, my recommendation to you is to grab yourself a controller.

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