The Cycles of Creativity

The Truth About Creation

In a primative civilization that is geared towards constant output and economic growth as the end goal. There is very little room for the truth of reality and the laws that govern our physcial, biological world. We are taught that one continously produces work and/or grows and improves. That there is continous creativity and innovation at hand, that can be obtained by simply being present for work.

That is not the case and far from the truth. In my own experience, I cannot continuously produce works/content of quality, week after week. There needs to be a period where I go back and alter, fix and improve what I’ve already created. Many of the resources and articles that you may have come across have been improved on later after they were published. And I continue to do so today where I see fit. This is an essential part of the creative process that we are missing on all levels of our elementary civlisation.

Furthermore, there is also a period that I prepare and research and put the pieces together. Making them ready for production, which saves me a great deal later on and improves the efficiency of the process. Without this step, there would be very little of quality and timelessness to my work.

Good Books To Read Pixel Art

Even though there is always the pressure to constantly be putting up new content or posts. I refrain, and remind myself of my own standards and that I’m playing the long-game. One that will excedingly progress and expand, once the foundations have been built and solidified.


The Creative Process

– Research/Prepare
– Produce
– Improve
– Share/Market
– Reflect


The Future For Humanity

Of course, this process is different for each profession, person or industry. For example all businesses have different peak and off peak seasons and must adapt their organisational behavior and thinking for these cycles. Many don’t, and the reason why we still have so many mediocre businesses, products and services. These steps and cycles must be present for any work/product of true value.

I am no idealist, but a very practical individual.

What is deemed as ideals today, will be the standards of tomorrow.

You must question how the economical pressure of today’s market place, force businesses/brands/creators to continuously output something new, without time for mastery. Year after year.

Do you wonder why, as our technology and information has grown, the quality of our things seem to diminish? Is there any wonders as to why cars, technology, games, movies are released at such a low quality?


But more importantly,

Have you had enough yet? Or shall we continue to play this game and feed a dying and archaic system/way of thinking?

We must all begin a period of reflection, where we look back and improve on what we have already made. Only then can we take a solid and successful step into a better future.



In the gaming industry, the triple A studios must now go back and remaster and improve on their older titles. Retelling the stories that gave them the resources and success that they have today.

Technological companies, must look back at the designs/systems that they have created so far and understand where they can truly improve. More RAM and Gigabytes won’t do. It’s the complete utility of those resources that is important. It is software that simplifies the process or the user, the one that fully takes advantage of the hardware. That, is what is needed.

There is no need for new fashion, what we need are quality cloths that are practical, beautiful and durable. We don’t need new cars, unless they are self driving cars.

Can we afford to create things that are not true to our long-term objectives?

Therefore, it becomes YOUR responsibility and obligation to feed another stream.. One that is pure, with clarity of vision. That not only aligns to it’s own needs, but the needs of the greater whole.

Evolution and growth are of the utmost importance. But it must become a conscious and self-directed process

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