Life Lessons – What I Learnt In 27 Years

On the eve of my 28th birthday, I thought it would be cool to share what I’ve understood of this thing, we call life.


– Life becomes better and easier with age. You begin to understand things, overcome your shortcomings and build new emotional habits and routines that build a healthier you and a healthier lifestyle. You learn when to walk away and when it’s time to stay. And therefore, every year life becomes better.

– Money isn’t everything, but it has its benefits. Learn to make it and more importantly learn a skill or trade that earns it. You won’t go hungry. They say a man who catches his own fish, is twice fed. This I have found to be true.

– Enjoy and master the simple things in life. Everything counts, even the small acts. Like making your morning tea, making a certain food, washing your cloths, washing the dishes. You get the idea.

– What you eat is imperative; not only for your physical health, but your mental and emotional wellbeing. Just because a certain food is “healthy” doesn’t mean that it will be healthy and beneficial for your body. So learn what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s okay, it’ll take some time.

– While on the topics of health and eating, learn to listen to your body and senses. There is an intelligence in your body that is millions of years old. It will tell you your needs and what you should avoid. Example, before eating a food, smell it. And see how your body responds to it.

– You’ll sometimes find that your body doesn’t want you to eat at all. Giving you the opportunity to fast, which will not only allow your body to recover and regenerate. But will strengthen your mind and willpower. No more hangry.

– When you get sick or injured see it as a blessing. Often we forget how lucky we are simply to be healthy and well. There is always a deeper lesson in illness and dis-ease. So pay attention, sometimes all you needed was a little rest.

– If you had to make a choice between riches and health, always choose health.
And remember, true wealth isn’t just financial.

– By around the aged 24-25 years, your body starts to show signs of ill health and decay due to your poor habits. Don’t freak out! It’s just telling you that you need to change things. You can recover from them easily.

– Don’t be afraid of not having enough, whether it’s in your finances, relationships or the other aspects of your life. Life always provides you with what you need.

– Learn to see the blessing of life in everything. Having clean water to drink, a hot shower, a nice meal and good company to share it with. This creates an abundance mindset and raises your consciousness.

– Try not to learn every lesson the hard way, life is often communicating with you and has given you warnings and signs long before the final hit. Be conscious and self aware. And learn to heed lifes warnings, long before you’ve hit rock bottom.

– Live inside out, not outside in. You will be happier, more confident, and less prone to validation seeking and the desire for attention. If you find yourself always seeking others attention (especially the opposite sex) it’s a sign of low-self worth. Something outside of yourself that you cannot control.

– Vanity goes hand in hand with misery. My way of dealing with it, is to shave my head every once in a while, when I notice myself getting too attached to my hair or my appearance. Your looks will fade with time and can also be taken away from me at any moment.

– Often times we have friends that are not entirely good for us. And even though there is civility, there is little comradery. Learn to distance yourself and go it alone if you must. It will be beneficial in the long run. And you will gain more confidence in yourself and life in general.

– When you find yourself in a place of solitude and feeling lonely. Pickup a hobby, start delving into one of your interests or simply a good book. A curious mind and heart is seldom alone or unhappy.

– Learn to entertain yourself, don’t always have to be entertained by something outside. Whether it be from your friends, family, or your partner. They’re not there for your entertainment.

– If the mood is low, be the one that uplifts the spirit of others. You’ll be surprised how contagious excitement and happiness are.

– In saying that, life is full of pricks. And you’ll be surprised how close they can be to you at times. Learn to remove them, break them and flick them if you must. It’s not the most Christlike approach, but in societies such as ours. Sometimes you must play a little rough.

– Only go for such measures, when you have attempted the nicer alternatives without success. Expecting difficulty, often makes sure that you will meet it.

– Inspiration and motivation are never enough. Your dreams and ambitions require: routine, structure, discipline and execution. Work on this gradually and don’t judge yourself too harshly if you fail. It’s easier for some than others.

– More importantly build a routine that works for you. Because that’s where you will be most productive and effective. However, never forget to break the routine once in a while and do something that you don’t normally do.

– Often when you starting being more creative, happy or wealthy. You’ll find the people around you becoming increasingly unhappy and envious. They do that sometimes.. You cannot stand on your knees your entire life for others to feel okay with themselves.

– Addiction and substance abuse is never good. Whether it’s alcohol, caffeine or marijuana. Whatever it may be. You’ll be happier and healthier without it. You should never rely on anything to cope with life and your emotions. Learn to deal with your shit and make your life into something that you don’t have to cope with.

– Helping others is imperative. Speaking the truth, even if it hurts, even more so. Make a habit of becoming a genuine human being. In a world full of fake people and facades, you will shine like the star that you are.

– If you’ve tried to help a friend or loved one, and they’re just not getting it or not willing to take responsibility for their circumstances or actions. Go for a swim and let that boat sink. Allowing life to take over the work.

– Take it slow, play the long-game. There is no rush and nowhere to be. Yes life is fucked up, yes fucked up things are happening. And yes, we must deal with them and overcome them. But don’t walk around with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Look up at the trees and birds, the sun still shines and life goes on.

– Men and Women are fundamentally different. It’s called biology. And we are here to play different roles, that fit our individual strengths, whatever they may be. Respect one another. Because we are all getting fucked here.

– In a relationship, be respectful of the other. What society portrays to you through media, films and television, is wrong. And has separation and unhappiness written all over it. Use some common sense, bad actions = bad reactions.

– Don’t care too much about what small people say, especially those who are intimated by you or are envious of you. They will call you all kinds of things to make you smaller. Only because deep down they feel insecure in your presence.

– Do care what big people tell you, they see the best in you and always encourage you to be better. They can see the obvious when you often cannot. Key here is that they will seldom make you feel small, unless you’ve given them a reason to.

– When it comes to long-term mating try and avoid insecure people. They will constantly be testing, creating drama and making a personal hell out of your life. Because they don’t feel okay inside. It’s much easier to cooperate and build a strong relationship with a strong confident person who has a better understanding of themselves and their weaknesses. Or someone who is willing to learn and improve.

– In saying that, we all have insecurities & weaknesses. It’s part of being human. The difference is, are you willing to face them and do the necessary work?

– Customers aren’t always right, and neither is a woman. She’s emotional and her mood and opinions ever changing, especially earlier on in life. You must be strong enough and solid enough in your life to create a safe space of learning and growth for the both of you. Helping her to come out of the funk that she falls into and guide her out of her emotional biases.

– The male, masculine is like the stem and roots of a plant. Where the feminine, is like the flower. Which gains nutrients and support from the stem and roots.

– When seeking growth and learning, the student must put aside their pride. And begin to take on the beginners mindset, open to new ideas and suggestions.

– There are good quality men everywhere, just like there a good quality women. But before you draw them into your life, understand that it’s an internal game. Change within and watch your surrounding change. Once you find them, make sure to take off your rosie colored glasses and understand they’re human and not some fictional character you’ve watched in a movie. Keyword here, quality, not perfect.

– Not everyone deserves the long-lasting eternal love and commitment of another being. Sorry they’ve advertised it incorrectly, conditions definitely apply.

– When two people come together, there is always an underlying element of growth and development for both. And most importantly, the energy that brings them together is of forces beyond their control. You are each others mirrors for becoming better versions of yourselves.

– Relationships grow in stages, how many? I do not yet know. However, what we’ve been shown is only the beginning or elementary stage of a human relationship. And a barrier/filter that most unsuccessful couples and partnerships fail to see and understand. Those cute old couples you see who are still in love and adore one another. Have somehow made it to the last stage of love. What an achievement!

– Having worked many part time and casual jobs, I’ve learnt many skills and behaviors that I still make use of today. If you’re a student. Make sure to have at least held one job. There is no red carpet waiting for you to graduate. And more likely than not you will be eating dirt, long before you “make it.”

– Ahh how could I forget? Judge people by their actions, not what they say and the ideals they portray. A man can recite the highest poetry or abstract and philosophical thinking. Yet has terrible aim in the toilet and doesn’t have the decency to clean after himself? That’s probably all you needed to know.

– In saying that, if you have a soft spot for him/her. Perhaps they’ll learn and improve. Only time will tell, and only you can determine if it’s worth it.

– Do everything you do to the best of your ability. Whether you are making coffee as a student or flipping burgers, your time will come. Make the best of the present and understand that there is an alchemy to life. The better you are in the present, and how well you tackle the mundane, the quicker you will get your desired future.

– You can learn to love your job. Even your “dream job” will become mundane or have mundane aspects to it. It’s more to do with your mindset and attitude than anything else.

– Same goes for your relationships. Life is mundane in itself, it’s not the bullshit you’ve been told. The initial spark will fade and if you really want that long-term relationship/family/kids you’ll have to learn to love the repetitive aspects of it.

– Give respect to a man or woman with a child. They need it more than you do.

– If your parents have gotten to you through to adulthood, they’ve essential succeeded to some level. Try to deal with the animosity and anger you may feel towards them for the wrongs that they have done to you. They’ve probably had it way worse than you. And if it gets too hard, just make some space and distance yourself from them for awhile.

– We are all traumatized in one shape or form, it seems like the theme of today. We must learn to heal from our own trauma, help others heal and making sure that this cycle of trauma does not continue onto the generations to come.

– It’s completely okay to move somewhere else that isn’t as fast paced and go go go. Long-term living in big, busy, over-populated cities are detrimental to human health and wellbeing. In other words, we weren’t made for it.

– If you catch yourself having negative thoughts. Repeat this: “everyday, in every way. Life is getting better and better.”

– Keep your space/room clean. Make a weekly habit of cleaning and organising your space. Your room/space is a reflection of your inner space. As within so without. View cleaning as a form of mediation, you are cleaning the past and creating space for the new.

– Be conscious of the things and colours around you. They impact you on a subconscious level. Change a dim light bulb, paint your walls a light positive colour. Re-arrange your stuff for better Feng Shui and add plants to your space.

– Plants pickup on your energy. If you find yourself killing more than one plant. Or have a history of being “unlucky” with plants. They might just be picking up on your energy. Heaven and hell all begin in the mind.

– Take care of your stuff. Yes, I understand that you can easily replace it. But it doesn’t mean you should. Buy the best quality things that you can and keep them. You’ll be taken care of in return.

– And finally it’s okay to go out alone. It’s okay to go for dinner alone or to the movies. And it’s okay to travel alone. I’ve had some of the best time of my life when I was alone and still do. You’re more likely to make new friends and interact with strangers. And will get to see what you’re really made of.


That’s it for now. Time for me to go out and celebrate my survival on this planet.

It feels like I can keep on going. Might at some point.

Much love!