The Witcher 3 – Avallac’h’s Words of Wisdom

We must begin to question how much of games and their stories are mere fantasies, but rather fables and lessons that need to be uncovered for our own evolution and purpose.

Upon first playing the Witcher 3, our minds were blown.. It was obvious that we had witnessed another milestone in game development and the human capacity for creativity and engineering. I was renewed by a new sense of optimism and enthusiasm for games, life and everything else in-between. But what this game meant for us was more than we realised. It was part of our collective evolution.

Looking at the world, there seems to be a great deal of chaos, confusion, fear and hopelessness. Yet this is all far from the truth. The position that we are in today and the destruction that we are causing is part of a natural process. One that occurs when a species begins to dominate its environment. The problems we face, though challenging, are the pillars required to build our future. Humanity must step-up, act and stop judging itself and it’s own nature.

Only through the chaos, pain and suffering (highest difficulty) will we evolve and transform to new levels. It is a necessary step in the evolution of life.

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Life Is Death March..

So you must equip yourself well, prepare your oils and potions, research and know your enemy and understand the weakness of your build. There are many challenges ahead, though nothing that needs be feared. For billions of years of evolution have brought you here and will take you, one way or another to your future. There is no greater motivation than the inevitable end. So get moving!

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