Warcraft 3 – Orc Strategy, Creeping Fail

Someone old and wise, once said “we learn more from failing”. So having the ability to look at our failures allows us to improve on what we do today. As it turns out, a Warcraft 3 Orc match is no different. This was a warm-up after a few weeks away from the game. No hotkeys, just mouse. 1vs1 with normal AI.

What was done correctly:

  • Build order was correct, even though it could have been much more efficient
  • Base layout was on point and very defensive, something I’ve been working on
  • Aggressive creeping and the correct choice of hero for the strategy
  • Good micro management of units to distribute aggro and damage
  • Economical choice of early upgrades based on needs

What needed improvement:

  • Not using hotkeys made me handicapped and slow in many areas
  • Time was wasted between the completion of the Altar of Storms and the summoning of the Blademaster
  • Failing to pay attention to the lumber bottleneck, with more peons on the job
  • Having more than five peons on the goldmine
  • Rock Golems always stun so one unit will be out of combat due to stuns whenever you fight them

Final notes

Hills of Glory in itself is a difficult map. With a low number of weaker creeps it forces the player to really push the early creeping. When you lose the large dragon creeps on the west and east side of the map to the enemy team you are almost guaranteed a lose. And not having enough ranged power can be another issue when you do decide to face them.

This is in many ways why I love Warcraft 3 so much. The game is so nuanced and there are so many areas to improve on and think about strategically. With an unlimited amount of strategies and tactics it really is a great game for your mind.

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