Warcraft 3 – Orc Strategy, Conquering the Hills of Glory

After failing to even creep long enough to fight the enemy. I have managed to win this Warcraft 3 Orc match, and conquer the Hills of Glory. But it needed some thought and preliminary planning. This was the second game after a few mistakes in the first that stopped me fully utilising this tactic. Some hotkey use, though not enough. 1vs1 with Night Elf (normal AI).

What was done correctly:

  • Build order was semi-correct but needs improvement it seems. Moreover, based on the strategy it would be best to reduce the time between Barracks and War Mill for Head Hunters
  • Base layout could be improved (not used to being on the bottom) but did the job when my army needed the support in battle
  • Didn’t give up and continued to fight when initially defeated
  • Took the fight to the enemy when the opportunity came even though I wasn’t ready and it was night (when Night Elves are at their strongest)
  • The Tauren Chieftain and Head Hunter combination worked as imagined
  • Better army management by using hotkeys

What needed improvement:

  • Need to learn hotkeys for the individual hero skills and a few times I went back to clicking & scrolling through the map
  • Should have picked War Stomp for Tauren Chieftain’s first skill
  • More use of items, TC died twice with a health potion on him
  • Had way more gold than I should have and was unknowingly hoarding it
  • Need to display health bars for a better indicator of individual unit health
  • Healing wards should be drop behind army for best practice (vsing players)

Additional notes

Thanks to the WC3 Reddit community I learnt a number of new things + additional tips future reference. Peons in Burrows always do the same damage but each additional Peon increases the attack speed of the spears it launches. Depending on the situation you may be better off placing one Peon per Burrow, rather than all in one.

Real human players will take down your Healing Wards. However, by the time they do your army would have gained decent healing. Healing Wards = 2% of a nearby friendly non-mechanical unit’s hit points per second. Plus if it’s placed out of reach, the enemy will be forced out of position. Due to the focus required to destroy it.

The TC and HH combination works best in team games where armies are highly specialised, because it has it’s limitations. However, in normal games like this the TC + FS hero combination is a great one. But Far Seer is recommended as first hero due to him being better at creeping early game.

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