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Purchasing a PC gaming controller has been a great decision, It’s made gaming so much more fun and intuitive when playing RPG and adventure games. I’ve been a PC gamer ever since I was nine and had become accustomed to the keyboard and mouse, but there is no going back now.

In saying that, choosing the best PC gaming controller isn’t as fun and intuitive as the benefits of having one. With a huge range to choose from, including the two generations of consoles, plus the additional stand alone controllers made specifically for the PC. Your going to be having a difficult time deciding and being satisfied with your choice. I was unsure of my purchase decision until one week after the purchase, even though I took my time and had done my research.

Currently the best controllers in the market are the Playstation 4 & the Nintendo Switch Pro controllers. However, if you’re running Windows 10, having a Microsoft controller where onscreen button prompts match becomes a huge advantage.

Unfortunately Microsoft made an average controller for the Xbox one. Don’t believe me? Go try them out for yourself.

Xbox One Controller Amazon Reviews

It’s surprising that after 8 years Microsoft creates a controller that rates lower than it’s more primitive predecessor. They could learn a thing or two from their competition, Sony. The Xbox one controller looks cool from afar, but once your hands are on it, that illusion quickly fades.

The Best PC Gaming Controller?

I went with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows. Only because it’s half the cost and two times the value. It’s a solid controller with a good weight, build quality and a great feel. All I had to do was plug it in and it was ready to go. You could also opt in for the wireless, but do keep in mind that you’d need a few additional gadgets to get it running.

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So my recommendation to you is the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows for that added convenience. And if you don’t mind the buttons being slightly different. Go for the Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 (USB charger not included) or the new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Valve has given full PS4 controller support to Steam. Which means users can now customise the controller as they would Steam’s own controllers. You no longer need third-party drivers/software to get it working, which is a great incentive to choose it as your PC gaming controller.

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