Why Is #SaveTheChildren Trending

In this shit show (excuse the language – there is no other way to describe it) that has been 2020. There has been many things happening at once. Political, medical, legal and social. All of which are under attack and there is so much noise happening that it has been hard to keep up with it all.

One thing that stood out to me the most. Due to having been following and researching it in the previous years. Is the topic of global child pedophilia, trafficking and sacrifice. Recently Jeffrey Epstein’s list of clients/network (black book) came out. Who had some very prominent names on it. It had been mentioned many times in the past that Hollywood & global governments are infiltrated by this nonsense. Yet, there was literally zero coverage on this in Australia and in other parts of the world. Which is quite strange..


The Strange & Perverted

It is strange how such important and pivotal information is again hidden and suppressed through the same channels of media we rely on “to be informed”. Though, it wasn’t all that surprising when you look at all the other trends happening around you. If you’ve been around long enough, you would have noticed a strong trend of dehumanisation in all forms of media. From popular music, to films & series. They are becoming increasingly more sinister, dark, perverted and dystopian. Homosexuality has been imbedded even in children’s cartoon series. It is one thing to accept homosexality, it is another to have a token homosexual act/character/reference in every single piece of media produced in recent years. Even if you’re trying to be more accepting and on trend.

And when there is an increasing attempts at normalisating things such as pedophilia (as if it is just another sexual orientation), or the highly discussed film ‘Cuties’ that receive so much attention recently. Not to mention the other sinister things coming to the surface in previous years, and to this day. There is no room for is it happening? It is [1][2], the degree at which we cannot fully know at this time, but it is happening and far more prevalent than you would like to think it is.

Of course the mass media that lies and cheats to create untruths for years, also suppressed this information and many others. What did you say about covid19? But you will come across many stories, cases and scenarios once you begin to no longer avert your gaze [3]. #positivevibes is no longer going to work.

For most of us, these ideas are so beyond our thinking & unnatural that it is normal to think it to be fiction and false. But we need to understand where it comes from and our own history.


History of Pedophilia

Pedophilia was a common thing in the ancient world of Rome and Greece, where western civilisation finds its roots and inspirationz. But it wouldn’t be fair as it is prevalent in other cultures and regions of the world too.

Why it happens I cannot tell you exactly. But what I can say with confidence is that it happens for different reasons. For some, fearing old age. It is an elixir of youth (or they would think). For others it is a perversion and an undisciplined mind. Very commonly it is the result of the environment and conditions in which people where raised in. But for some, it is the necessary ritual of their death cults. And the very chains that bind them together.


The Ritual of Sacrifice

The ritual of sacrifice has been imbedded in our consciousness for as long as we can possible see, all across the world. Even today, sheep, chicken and the like are slaughtered for festive occasions, weddings and child births.

It is part of our ancient and more archaic past. Not too long ago cultures like the Aztec were sacrificing their enemies to their war god. Nordic cultures would sacrifice their own members (as seen in the Vikings episode in the forests) to their gods as an offering to give them bounty and protect them from the harsh realities of their lives.

So the idea of sacrificing children doesn’t seem so out of place. Does it? In fact in times past, in certain cultures. The family/community would sacrifice their own children as an offering. When you have seven and a new one popping out every year or so, giving one away to the god of death to keep the other six alive seems quite, well feasible. Not to mention selling them for some much needed coin.


What This Means

But in all seriousness these acts have not only been happening in the highest offices in the world; such as politics, religion, finance and media. But it happens in all levels of human life. And part of our collective consciousness or unconsciousness? What we need to really ask is what kind of world are we existing in and experiencing if this kind of ritual and practice is not only being practiced from the top down. But also being allowed and encouraged.

Because then everything else that is wrong in our world begins to have a different tint. A war between nations becomes a feast to the war god and a financial boon. An innocent child, a commodity and by-product of their sheep parents. Mass infertility, an inside joke. And all acts of human suffering, torment and death but an act of sacrifice & baleful amusement.