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This is a quick and straight forward Newormedia Review. Newormedia is an ad network that provides professional ad management services for websites owners to help them monitise their traffic via ad placements. I’ve been with them since early 2020 and cannot praise them enough. Read more to find out why.

Generating an income through ad revenue is one of the standard methods to help monitise website traffic. Commonly people use Google AdSense for this method. However, over the years of use the AdSense experience hasn’t been great on my end. They put people through difficulty to attain their AdSense rights and privileges. And they are constantly tweaking and experimenting on their services through your website and platform. And making arbitrary changes as they see fit.

Naturally anyone who is committed to generating this sort of revenue will need to shop around and experiment for the best solution. There are a few large AdSense alternatives, yet Newormedia definitely stood out for me.

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Ease of Joining

At the time, joining was a straightforward process. After a few simple email exchanges I signed an agreement. Updated some of my privacy policy details based on the companies requirements and began embedding their ad code into my existing ad framework. While simultaneously still using the previous ad service.

It was quickly apparent that I was receiving x3 the AdSense revenue per day based on my normal traffic. So I began to further optimise and increase the ad placements from Newormedia. The process is slightly more manual than the AdSense equivalent. However, it is easy to learn and understand and preferable to any overall automated and scripted approach. Today you can use your Google Ad Manager to connect the services also.

In order to join there a two simple requirements: A minimum of 30k unique visitors/month and majority US traffic (preferably at least 20% US traffic). Tier one traffic as it is commonly known.

And knowing them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made some concessions for the right people and website types.


Ease of Use

Given my setup and my understanding of html and the way I do my content, Ad placement was very simple. It was a matter of wrapping my unique ad code into center tags and replacing my previously intrusive AdSense code.

There is an additional text file that you need to update overtime as they continue to find new ad networks. Which are best aligned with your content and platform. Though easily done through cPanel once you’re setup and running. And the updates are given to you through the user Dashboard.


The Dashboard

When it comes to traffic and revenue tracking, they have a brilliant dashboard. Covering everything you’d need. Such as revenue, impressions, eCPM and individual ad unit revenue. Additionally there is a payments tab showing all previous and upcoming payouts. And the ability to add additional websites once you’ve signed up to the service.

Please note: new website/assets must also meet their approval criteria before being allow to you the service.


Responsiveness and Communication

What really stood out from the beginning of my interactions with the team was their open and honest nature. It became evident that they were unlike most businesses in this space and were really leading from the heart. They are very quick to respond to questions and feedback. And always happy to help when needed.



The minimum amount for payment is $50 USD through Paypal, or $250 USD if you are being paid by ACH/Wire Transfer. All payments that do not exceed these limits will be grouped into the next pay cycle. And naturally all revenue seen on the services is in USD, since it’s a US based company.


The Technology

The service is run on a eCPM method due to the ad bidding technology that they use to maximise revenue per ad placement. Which works to combine bids from all major networks and agencies. Overall I’ve seen much higher grade and better fitting ads with Newormedia than I had with AdSense. And in my mind, the reason behind my 3x revenue.

Furthermore, it loads very quickly and doesn’t disrupt the main content loads. As their technology allows the content to load and run before loading their ads. It’s straightforward and a no nonsense method. And should really have minimal impact on your website and performance as is standard these days.

With a portfolio of 350 websites and growing, I am happy to have found them and wish more services and products were this transparent and democratic.



Additional Tips and Advice

From my experience the best performing ad types were the 728×90/320×50 sticky footer ad and the responsive 728×90/300×250/320×50. Generating a huge chunk of my current revenue. Definitely look into them if your content allows it. And also be aware that they do provide video ads that are highly spoken of.

Hope this helps. Again, I have zero reservation recommending these guys. They definitely deserve the attention and you definitely deserve a service like theirs. please feel free to link up and connect if you need or have further questions.

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If you do end up signing up with them and feeling generous, let them know I sent you. As they do provide a referral program for their publishers. However they do not currently have affiliate links.

Thanks again and best of luck!