Hollow Knight – Worth Playing

About a year ago I discovered Hollow Knight and was instantly drawn by its art style and feel. There was just something about the game.

Hollow Knight Original Art

To Be A Warrior

The game was released on Feb 25th 2017 and has received numerous positive reviews. Being called a masterpiece and even receiving a 10/10 by Destructoid. Even so, the game is yet to receive as much attention as it deserves due to the high volume of quality triple AAA titles being released lately.

There are two main reasons why I wanted to share this game with you. The first being that, even though I really want to play it (like right now!), I can’t, since I’ve decided to stop buying new games; the best alternative is to have you guys play it.

The other reason being that this game is by Team Cherry, an independent studio based in Adelaide, Australia. You might not know this, but the Australian game development scene is struggling and has been for sometime now.. And to have something of this caliber come out of it, is very crucial for the ecosystem. So in a way, I am doing by bit to help foster growth and rejuvenation.


A Little Bit About The Game

Hollow Knight is a 2D platform Action-Adventure game that is quality and offers players REAL value with over 20+ hours of gameplay at only $15 USD. It’s difficult, beautiful and you’ll experience true immersion. But more importantly you’ll build a Steel Soul while playing it.. The developers are currently working on even more content and the Mac OS and Linux ports will be out very soon.

Hollow Knight Animated Gif


How To Justify Gaming

My efforts are to give attention to what is good and worthy, allowing us to consciously consume and help develop the ability to be selective with what we deem acceptable in our realities, and what we do not. Furthermore, a game such as Hollow Knight allows the players good emotions, hope and inspiration; keeping the inner flames lit. Until we are strong enough, connect enough and disciplined enough to make an impact, and rid our world of darkness and corruption.

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