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Framerate Independent Physics on Construct 2

So recently, after my initial jump into game development I learnt the benefits of creating a game that is framerate independent.

When you have an engine that can port to multiple platforms, it is to your benefit (and also the players) to make it framerate independent. So that regardless of what framerate it is being run on 30Hz, 60Hz or 144hz etc. It performs just as well and is an enjoyable experience for the players.

Fortunately, the Construct 2 Engine has this mechanism built into it using “dt” or Delta-Time (check link for more information). In saying that, the default physics that are built into the engine need to be set in a different way.

And that is done by setting Stepping Mode so that the core physics of the engine begin to also run on a framerate independent scale. Easier said that done, when you are a beginner on the engine. It took me a while before I got the answer on how this is done. So I made a quick step by step tutorial to explain the process.

How to Set Stepping Mode for Framerate Independence

So that’s it.. And really helpful in the long run for us non-developer folk. Anyway, if you want to show me love for solving your problem.. Sign-up to my mailing list. Until next time!

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