Borderlands 2 – Best Siren Build

Maya (Siren) Heroshot

This BL2 Siren (Maya) Build is excellent for normal and true vault hunter mode, designed towards solo play with co-op potential. A straight forward build and very handy in either situation, with great crowd control and elemental damage potential. The main skill tree is Cataclysm and Harmony for those playing to lvl 50, in addition to Motion for those maxed @ lvl 72.

Maya is a great character for those wanting to play solo or those new to the game, due of her ability to crowd control through Phaselock and command the battlefield. This setup provides a much needed boost in DPS & Surviveability in the tight and unforgiving situations that you will inevitably face.

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Cataclysm Tree


Flicker: +30% Elemental Effect Chance.

Helios: Phaselocking an enemy causes a fiery explosion, damaging all nearby enemies.

Cloud Kill: Shooting an enemy creates a lingering Acid Cloud, which lasts for 5 seconds, dealing constant Corrosive Damage to enemies who touch it.

Backdraft: Your melee attacks deal additional Fire Damage. Also, when your shields become depleted you create a fiery explosion, damaging nearby enemies.

Reaper: You deal +40% increased Gun Damage to any enemy who has more than 50% of his health remaining.

Blight Phoenix: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy causes you to deal constant Fire and Corrosive Damage to nearby enemies for a short time.

Ruin: Action Skill Augmentation. Phaselock now slags, corrodes and electrocutes all nearby enemies.

Note: Out of the remaining three skills Foresight is the only one that is mildly useful. However, since the benefits that it provides can be gained through gear and the Badass ranking, it is better to save those points. As you can tell, you will be doing a great deal of AOE and elemental damage. The more you’re hurt, the more you will hurt. Due to your strengths, it is important to clump your enemies and take opportunity of enemy clusters. And Ruin, what else can I say?

This tree and the skills above are the core of your build. However, before investing the 27 points into Cataclysm. It is better to distribute your initial skillpoints into Mind’s Eye and Wreck in the Harmony tree. Simply because early on the killing potential provide by the two are far more substantial than the alternatives and you need all the killing potential available to you.


Harmony Tree


Mind’s Eye: +25% Critical Hit Damage and +30% Melee Damage.

Wreck: +50% Fire Rate and +30% Damage with guns while you have an enemy Phaselocked.

Elated: You and your friends regenerate +5% health per second while you have an enemy Phaselocked.

Sustenance: Regenerate up to +2% of your missing Health per second. The lower your health the more powerful the regeneration.

Life Tap: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives you +6% Life Steal for a short while.

Note: Incase you missed it, your first two skills for this build are Mind’s Eye and Wreck. Which enhance your damage potential early on and overall. The additional three skills are simply for survival and health regeneration. You are free to swap Elated with Sweet Release, depending on your taste as they do the same thing. Additionally if you find yourself playing with others through co-op. A 1 point investment into Res is unbeatable, further enhancing your utility.


Motion Tree


Accelerate: +15% Gun Damage and +20% Bullet Speed.

Suspension: Increases the duration of Phaselock by +2.5s.

Converge: Your Phaselock ability now also pulls nearby enemies toward the original target.

Fleet: Your Movement Speed increases by +40% while your shields are depleted.

Quicken: Increases the Cooldown Rate of your Phaselock’s Ability by 30%.

Note: The skill Suspension with synergy with skills such as Ruin and Wreck further strengthen your damage and crowd control. Converge allows you to pull nearby enemies toward the original target, which works well with the other AOE skills from the Cataclysm tree. The rest of your points can be invested into either Fleet and Quicken depending on what you find necessary.



In Summary

You have now a strong offensive build, regardless of whether you’re playing to lvl 50 or 72. Maya (Siren) is a great class to start off with and learn the ropes of the game. Her Phaselock ability can easily incapacitate the highest hitting enemy while simultaneously doing AOE damage. Which affords you leverage when soloing your first playthrough or facing the higher difficulty modes. The continuous use of Phaselock and the strategic timing and placement, will further add to your power.

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