A Few Simple Decisions For A Better Life

Photo by Hans Vivek

These simple changes will have a dramatic impact in your life and are not very difficult or monumental to make. However, there impact will pay off many dividends in the days to come. Now, I’m not the kind of person to go out of my way to give you scientific research, you will find plenty of evidence on your own. I am merely an advisor that is capable of foresight, what you call “three steps ahead”. What I have done for you though, is incorporated both your biological needs and the higher spiritual world into my recommendations and solutions. And speak from personal experience and education.


A few simple decisions for a better life:

  • Refrain from listening to low vibrational music and media, and consume only high vibrational content. Can’t find anything? Listen to classical or traditional world music until you do.
  • Begin to exercise & move your body everyday, aim to lose 200 calories per day through exercise and different forms of physical activity. These 200 calories per day will soon compound and make a very obvious impact on your physically and mentally state. Additionally, set yourself small physical goals; such as jumping, running speed and mobility. It’s not how much you can bench but rather how much force you can generate that matters.
  • Refrain from watching pornographic content & sexualised films and shows. Downvote, report and remove all sources of perversion out of your life. You must find your innocents & purity once again, it has been tainted and so has your ability to connect & communicate with the divine.
  • Partake in some form of spiritual reflection everyday or at least a few times a week. It will help you uncover the true reality and what is actually important and necessary for your wellbeing. If you have the chance begin reading the writings of the world religions. Any will do, and you don’t have to join them in order to benefit and learn from their wisdom & teachings.
  • Delete all social media apps from your phones and computers. Seems like a big decision, but it’s not. You will soon discover. Double down on this if you are a female, your social brain is the most negatively impacted by social media.
  • Delete Tinder and casual dating apps. In fact, stop dating all together if all you want is a loving lifelong relationship. Take a damn break, learn to be alone and don’t chase after your base and animalistic urges for that is all they are. Females are the biggest losers in the age of modern dating. But we are all responsible for the current outcomes.
  • If you’re young, don’t be in a rush to enter a relationship. The more maturity you have when the time comes the more likely you are to meet the challenges and tests that come with it and therefore more likely to be successful and not burnt by the experience. It isn’t a numbers game.
  • Do not seek comfort, for it will make you weak in time. Celebrate your challenges! And know that nothings comes our way that we cannot overcome.
  • Do not fear death, for it comes for all. And detach from this world for it is but a frame of experience in a cosmic sea of expression.
  • And our favorite and perhaps the most powerful & transformative of all. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.


Life challenges us all in different ways and through different temptations. But in the coarse and stages of life, you soon begin see that there is not so much difference after all. And our challenges and shortcomings can be narrowed down to a few simple things. And therefore we can all learn from each other and all that has come before and will come after. For there has always been a pattern that has repeated itself time and time again. And will perhaps continue to do so until the end.

I hope that you have found my advise to be useful & beneficial.


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